Robert operates at the intersection of design, robotics and computation, working in these fields in both business and academia. He is a co-founding director of international architecture and design practice Robert Stuart-Smith Design, the tech company Behavioural Robotics, and co-founding partner of the design-computation research group - Kokkugia. Robert’s work operates at the forefront of innovation and is enhanced through his engagement in academic research and teaching. Robert is the co-founding director of two Autonomous Manufacturing Labs, one based in Architecture (AML-Penn) and the other in Computer Science (AML-UCL) where he conducts funded research on multi-robot fabrication and construction. He is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at University of Pennsylvania, and Principal Research Associate at University College of London’s Department of Computer Science. Robert was previously a Studio Course Master at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London for eight years, running a design studio in the AA’s Design Research Laboratory, and has also taught architecture at University of Innsbruck, RMIT University, Washington University, and UEL. Robert specializes in generative design, behavior-based robotics and multi-agent systems. He consulted to Cecil Balmond on computational design-engineering research in Arup's Advanced Geometry Unit for a number of years and has extensive building project experience with leading architectural practices in Melbourne and London, while Robert's own design practice - Robert Stuart-Smith Design (RSSD) is based in the UK, and designs bespoke projects that are executed using custom robotic fabrication methods. Robert’s work has been exhibited and published widely in a number of seminal journals and expositions. He is an internationally invited lecturer and critic.