liverpool shopping centre  |  interlomas, mexico 

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role: design computation consultancy: robert stuart-smith, roland snooks (kokkugia ltd)
architects: rojkind arquitectos.   

The Liverpool shopping centre facade achieves visual dynamism whilst safeguarding a geometrically rational concept. Working with an already established cylindrical building form, Rojkind Arquitectos engaged Robert Stuart-Smith and Roland Snooks to develop the facade geometry comprised of developable surfaces. A generative algorithm was written that enabled numerous iterations of the facade to be generated with inbuilt geometrical constraints that ensured the facade geometry would remain within a given range of complexity.

design computation consultancy directors: Robert Stuart-Smith, Roland Snooks
design and computation consultancy team: Casey Rehm
architects: Rojkind Arquitectos
photographs: Paul Riviera
facade engineering: Studio NYL
facade contractor / fabrication: Zahner Metals
structural engineering: Emrsa