irapuato bridge  |  mexico 

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robert stuart-smith, roland snooks (kokkugia ltd)   

Acting as both pedestrian bridge and gateway to the city, this structure was to stretch across a freeway on the outskirts of Irapuato, Mexico. In response to the requirement for a concrete box truss, an algorithmic strategy was developed to generate a locally differentiated shell that operates rhizomatically to distribute load - taking advantage of the plasticity of in-situ concrete.
The branching and converging behavior of the algorithm generates a specific formal character of the shell from a series of local rule sets. This locally differentiated network resists the recognizable or iconic nature of many contemporary procedurally generated patterns. The bridge operates as a non-linear structure with load being distributed through a network of structural members, relying on a collectively organized geometry rather than on a hierarchy of discrete elements.

rs-sdesign project team:
kokkugia team: Robert Stuart-Smith (director), Roland Snooks (director), Timo Carl
rojkind arquitectos team: Michel Rojkind (director)